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Creatives Connect

Creatives Connect is the portal for students working in the Creative Industries to collaborate on creative projects. There are almost 3000 students in Creative Industries at Edinburgh College; by networking and working together students will be able to achieve even more professional and interesting portfolios and showreels. The possibilities are endless, but obvious examples would be collaborations between Actors and Filmmakers, Musicians and Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Photographers, Music Promoters and Radio Presenters….to name but a few. Go co-create!

How does it work?

You can now login to Creatives Connect using your college network username and password!

All Creative Industries students now login using their student number as their username. If you’re having trouble getting logged in, get in touch via the contact page.

If you need the creative skills of another discipline, log in and post an ad so others can get involved.

Interested in helping other students with their portfolios or showreels? Maybe you would simply like to get some experience. Log in and browse the ads and see if your skills are in demand.

Please note that Creatives Connect is only available to Creative Industries students and staff.

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