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NPA Photography - January Start


This course is designed to give students an introduction to Photography. Students are given the opportunity to develop their interest and skills in photography and produce a substantial and varied portfolio. Students are encouraged to explore the thought process behind a range of disciplines in photography and to develop their own interests and visual language. If you are considering studying photography then this course is an ideal starting point. Carefully chosen SQA units will equip students with a vast range of skills that will provide them with a comprehensive foundation in photography enabling them to progress on to a higher level photography course. This course will give students a chance to build a substantial portfolio of work. Students will produce workbooks which will document the ideas development and resolution of projects signifying the importance of the creative process and not just the end result. Throughout the year the class will attend regular interactive lectures tutorial meetings seminar sessions and group critiques of work. Students are encouraged to contribute to class discussion and engage with critical theoretical technical and aesthetic aspects of the subject.

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