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Anneleen Lindsay Portrait of Britain

Anneleen Lindsay's (BA Alumni 2015) portrait "My Turn" has been selected to be exhibited as part of the Portrait of Britain sponsored by The British Journal of Photography.

"As the world’s longest-running and most influential voice in photography, British Journal of Photography hosted an open call for photographs that celebrate the country’s unique heritage and diversity.

Of nearly 4000 entries, we have selected the portraits that capture the young and the old, reflecting not just the multiformity of British people, but also the myriad of styles and approaches to contemporary photographic portraiture.

The exhibition will run across JCDecaux’s digital network of screens from 1st – 31st September 2016 and many of the portraits are available to buy as limited edition prints from our gallery". - BJP

“A model (Hannah Brooks, pictured) turns her camera on the photographer. This was a spontaneous portrait captured at the end of a fashion shoot I was working on, which was celebrating the distinctive style of 1960s British pop culture. Looking back at this image, I realise I was subconsciously referencing David Bailey’s famous – and hugely influential – 1962 New York shoot with Jean Shrimpton for Vogue. The slightly disheveled or ‘undone’ street fashion styling and roadside location have a similar attitude and feel to Bailey’s shoot, which tore up the rule book for fashion photography at the time. The informal playful pose acknowledges the relationship between model and photographer. In a sense, my portrait of Hannah is also a portrait of a Britain of the past, at an exciting time where youth culture was taking on the establishment, including the photography profession.” - Anneleen Lindsay

More of her work can be viewed on her website

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