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June 7, 2017

This year Edinburgh College Photography introduced moving image in to the HN curriculum. Digital video capture really took off with the arrival of the Canon 5D Mk2 for photographers and film makers alike. Convergence has allowed photographers to access video capture on a limited budget with cameras they are already familiar with.


However cameras don't make movies, people do. Video story telling is another skill altogether and not an easy one.


Ronnie Baxter, a commercial photographer and lecturer was given the task of teaching this years' first moving image assignment. The assignment involves research, story boarding, planning and logistics as well as dealing with sound and editing on Adobe Premier. We are particularly pleased with the results which have been a learning curve for all.

Edinburgh College Photography are committed to video story telling which will be embedded across our courses and become part of our framework for the future, it's been a long time coming. We are currently working on developing a Professional Development Award which will comprise of three Units in video story telling available to all as a short course - watch this space.


Here are a few examples of the first year HN work. To view all projects have a look at our YouTube Channel.



 The Railway project by Gavin Smart



 Amateur Body Builder by Piotr Bajor



 The Ultimate Lunch by Alexander Van Der Byl



 Eden Mill Distillery by Andy Mather



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