Hiroshima to Faslane Exhibition - Gareth King

September 25, 2017

Exhibition from Sunday1st October, opening 19:00–21:00.

City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh

BA Alumni Gareth King spent last year photographing the Faslane Peace Camp, the world’s oldest permanent anti-nuclear protest site in its 35th year alongside Faslane Naval Base, Argyle and Bute, Scotland, Home to the U.K’s nuclear deterrent Trident.

Gareth documented the months on Faslane Peace Camp running up to a visit from “Hibakusha” or “explosion-affected people” in Japanese, people who survived the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. Join the photographer and members of Faslane Peace Camp for this exhibition opening and talks and Q+A


Tickets and further details available here


The exhibition runs until Saturday 6th October.


 (c) Gareth King



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