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BIPP Scotland Student Awards Night

(c) Emanuele Centi - BIPP Scotland Student Photographer of the Year 2019

An excellent BIPP Scotland Student Awards has just finished. Over 450 entries were submitted and judged in 5 categories. Meow Studios was full with 70 expectant entrants. Thanks to the judges Alan McEwan and Marco Fazio who did a sterling job. Thanks also to Francisco from Wex Edinburgh for the sponsored awards and presentation and to Waterstones Books.

The presentation with winners and images can be viewed here

Edinburgh College Photography Students again did us proud and won a total of 23 Awards across all categories. An absolutely brilliant performance with Emanuele Centi being crowned BIPP Scotland Student Photographer of the Year 2019.

Social & Portraiture

Gold - Natalia Krezel (HND2)

Silver - Sofia Conti (HND2)

Bronze - Michele Sinclair (HND2)

Merit - Nadine Rosebud (BA)

Merit - Michelle Sinclair (HND2)

Merit - Fabio Scalici (HND1)


Gold - John Buchanan (HND2)

Silver - Susan Hunter (BA)

Bronze - Mark Scates (HND2)

Merit - Sofia Conti (HND2)

Merit - Sofia Conti (HND2)


Gold - Emanuele Centi (HND2)

Silver - Emanuele Centi (HND2)

Bronze - Emanuele Centi (HND2)

Merit - Emanuele Centi (HND2)

Merit - Steven Mothersole (HND2)


Gold - Callum Ollason (HND2)

Merit - Callum Ollason (HND2)


Bronze - Andrzej Suchodolski (BA)

Merit - Diana Sosnowska (BA)

Merit - Gavin Smart (BA)

Committee Award

Gavin Smart (BA)

BIPP Scotland Student Photographer of the year 2019 - Emanuele Centi

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