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How Educational Guest Lectures Can Enhance Learning in 2023

Teaching photography is an excellent and challenging career, a job which requires inspiration as well as keeping up with industry standards. There is no better way to do this than schedule many guest lectures throughout the year, to inspire and learn from professional practitioners in the field. This year we have been fortunate to attract a wide range of guests to the Edinburgh College Photography dept. Here are a few highlights.

(c) Sofia Conti

October 11th

We started the semester with a presentation by Sofia Conti. Sofia studied at Edinburgh College graduating with a BA Professional Photography degree. She went on to complete an MA (Distinction) at Falmouth University. She is an award winning photographer in Social Documentary and widely exhibited including projects "Pain Is Necessary, Suffering Is Optional" and "Return, O Backsliding Children".

(c) Jeff Brown

November 15th

We saw the return of Jeff Brown photographer and business mentor. Jeff is a specialist helping photographers over 20 countries worldwide, building profitable, premium photography businesses. He is widely known on the professional circuit speaking at many industry events. Jeff has published books including "Help! My Photography Website Needs More Customers", "The Ambitious Photographer's Journal" and The Photographer's Missing LinkedIn".

(c) Kerstin Gruenling

December 13th

Kerstin Gruenling is a multi award winning Brand Photographer. Her mission is to help business owners to attract more dream clients. With her unique and energetic style of photography she creates relaxing and creative images for her clients marketing and social media campaigns. Kerstin gave an in-depth lecture focussing on how to price your work, how to communicate with clients and what mistakes to avoid.

(c) SNS Group

January 10th

To metaphorically 'kick off' the new year we invited sports photographer Mark Scates to present. Mark is another successful graduate of Edinburgh College Photography. He is currently working for SNS Group as a sports photographer. His work is widely published in the daily newspapers. Mark spent the lecture describing a typical working week, how images are transmitted to the news desk, working with an agency and creating the type of shots that sell.

(c) Danny Smith

February 21st

Every year Edinburgh College hosts the Creative & Tech Futures Day. This year saw over 50 speakers from the creative industries host panel discussions, workshops and presentations. This year we invited Danny Smith from the NHS Ophthalmic dept which employs a staff of 24 across Scotland. Danny gave a detailed presentation about what qualifications, training is involved as well as the variety of jobs he has to tackle on a daily basis.

Our second guest speaker at the Creative & Tech Futures Day was Christopher Fernandez. Chris is an editorial portrait photographer with a wealth of creative experience. He also graduated from Edinburgh College Photography, his first break in to the industry was assisting Ranking. Chris has worked with many clients including ProFoto, Hasselblad, Honda, and celebrities including Rita Ora, Heidi Klum, Pamela Anderson and Mo Farah to name a few.

(c) Lee Howell Creative

March 6th

Will see us delving in to the complex world of Generative AI with multi award winning Lee Howell Creative. Lee will join lecturer Jon Lee in a discussion about the impact of AI on the photographic industry. Will it be disruptive or another tool to utilise? Lee is a commercial photographer, retoucher and digital creative based in Scotland. His commissions include 'Drive Smart' ScotGov Campaign, 'Find Your Thing', Skills Development Scotland and Harpers Bazaar, to name just a few top flight clients.

March 8th

This month sees the return of Sony to our campus. Organised through WEX Photovideo Sony will be demonstrating and presenting their latest camera technology. The main studio will be set up for testing as part of Sony's commitment to educational collaboration for hands on experience.

So that's the round up so far, let's see what the future brings.


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