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Jodie Mann Guest Lecture

January 23, 2020

Thursday 23rd Jan @ 09.30

Studio 19 Photography dept

Edinburgh College

Sighthill Campus

The second guest lecture of the new year will be presented by Jodie Mann. Jodie is widely commissioned in fashion photography. In her formative years she studied with fashion photographer Nick Knight through an awarded scholarship. Most recently she set up a new partnership business with Rod Penn (PennMann) diversifying in to brand identity. Clients include Glam Candy, Sassoon, national Museums Scotland, Sheila Fleet as well as a wide variety of editorial commissions for the Daily Mail, Independent and the Guardian to name a few. Jodie and PennMann are a great example of Scottish based photography.

Interview with Hunger Magazine

Laurence Winram Guest Lecture

January 22, 2020

Wednesday 22nd Jan @ 09.30,

Studio 19 Photography Dept

Edinburgh College

Sighthill Campus


Edinburgh College Photography are pleased to announce that Laurence Winram will be the first photographer to kick off the new year guest lecture spot. 

Laurence is an award winning and well established photographer working on commercial and personal fine art projects. Based in Edinburgh but works for clients across the globe from New York, Singapore and Cuba. Laurence is a well practiced and excellent presenter bringing a wealth of knowledge - should not be missed.

Scottish Society for the History of Photography - Sylwia Kowalczyk

October 30, 2019

Studio 19 @ 10.00


This years first guest lecture will start off with a presentation from Alex Hamilton from The Scottish Society for the History of Photography (SSHOP) and a further presentation from Sylwia Kowalczyk, her work graces the cover of the latest Studies magazine. Alex will be talking about SSHOP and the new premisses and exhibition venue they now operate from. 

"Sylwia studied graphic design and photography at Krakow Academy of Fine Arts and the Edinburgh College of Art. Her work has recently been recognised in awards such as Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed – the Photographers’s Gallery’s pick of the most promising graduates of her year, and reGeneration 2 as one of the most promising 80 young photographers in the world, an exhibition which is touring the world and published as a book by Thames and Hudson and Aperture Foundation. Her work was also recently featured in “The Decisive Moment: Contemporary Polish Photography Since 2000” by Adam Mazur".

John Baikie - Guest Lecture

March 13, 2019

John Baikie ABIPP

09.30 – 12.00

Edinburgh College

Sighthill Campus

Lecture Room 715 (7thFloor)


John is an international award winning photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland. The topic of the talk will be ‘Diversify’ which reflects John’s approach to his photography business. He is well known for thinking outside of the box and likes to mix genres of photography which include his approach to fine art Weddings, Commercial, Press and PR photography. Recently he has completed and published a book ‘The Magic of The North Coast 500’ travelling thousands of miles around the Highlands documenting the landscape and much more.

Jonathan Beer - Guest Lecture

March 13, 2019

Jonathan Beer FBIPP

13.15 – 16.00

Edinburgh College

Sighthill Campus

Lecture Room 715 (7thFloor)


Jonathan is an exceptionally skilled Advertising photographer based in Greater Manchester. His work combines technically controlled lighting and problem solving. His clients include Transport for London, Hasselblad, Royal Mail, Remington and Nicky Clarke to name a few. In his own words, and I could not have put it better “You can't polish a turd" one photographer told me. I beg to differ....My name is Jonathan and I'm perfectly suited to still life photography”.

Hamish Campbell - Guest Lecture

February 28, 2018

Fashion and Advertising photographer Hamish Campbell will be discussing his work, what is involved in being a professional photographer, working with clients and how to run your business.

You know what I love about my job? I get to come to work everyday and do something I truly love. I get to create and capture, share and collaborate, and even inspire people to do the things that inspire them. It is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. In fact the most fun part of my job is meeting and over coming the challenges set in front of me, on each and every project.

Over the last decade I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really wonderful clients on a diverse list of projects. My portfolio has had me travel to, and work in, some of the worlds most culturally rich and beautiful cities and countries.

Tom Miles - Guest Lecture

March 14, 2018

Editorial photographer Tom Miles will be visiting Edinburgh College on March 14th for a whole day of presentations and set projects. Tom is a professional editorial/commercial photographer based in London UK.  He shoots for various national magazines, PR agencies, design agencies and commercial clients, and has been seriously invovled in photography since 1993.


Since graduating with a degree from Blackpool College he has taught at over 40 Universities across the UK as an ambassador for Nikon / Calumet and the AOP. He brings a wealth of knowledge about commissioned photography and will talk about working in the industry, client relationships, business practice as well as presenting his own work. He is very open about fees and rates and how to build up your business.


It will be a packed day of information as always.

Tom Miles

March 14, 2018

Eddie Hall - Strongman - Men's Fitness Magazine

Mat Hay - Guest Lecture

December 13, 2017

Originally from Edinburgh, Mat Hay is a commercial, editorial, and documentary photographer working in London, Scotland, Europe, and North America.


His award winning personal and commercial projects are exhibited frequently, with recent shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Derry, Inverness, New York, L.A., Vancouver, Seoul, Melbourne, and Sydney.

In 2013 he relocated to London to develop his practice while working as assistant to a number of highly acclaimed photographers. Since then his photography has continued to gain recognition, winning national and international awards, featuring in several online and print publications, while being shown in exhibitions across the UK, USA, Canada, and Korea.

Paul Marr Fashion Photographer

January 01, 2020

The 2017 Semester One Guest Lecturer series will kick off with Paul Marr and his journey in to Fashion Photography. Paul graduated from our legacy college Edinburgh's Telford College and has assisted high profile fashion photographers such as Sølve Sundsbø and Miles Aldridge.

Paul has recently exhibited a retrospective series of work in collaboration with fashion designer Rowan Joy and set designer Jack Fleuriste. Paul will be presenting his work as well as talking about his passion, influences and experiences on set.

Simon Crofts Guest Lecture

October 25, 2016

Photographer Simon Crofts will kick off the start of October's Guest Lecture series.

Studio 19 @ 13.15

He and his wife Sylvia Kowalczyk run a successful business in Edinburgh shooting commercial and editorial assignments. Simon has recently published a book on Ukraine entitled Expectations.

"Expectations is a series of images in the form of visual four poems, accompanied by texts, reflecting on the long relationship of the author with Ukraine. It journeys through themes of fortune, memory, fear and utopia. It has been published as a book by Kehrer Verlag. The visual poems have echoes of Ukrainian and Russian literature and music, of history, recollections of personal experiences, bureaucracy, meetings with old friends and chance encounters with strangers, places with resonance, and how life has (or hasn't) changed over the last 20 or so years".

Sylwia Kowalczyk Guest Lecture

October 25, 2016

Photographer Sylwia Kowalczyk will be providing Part 2 of October's Guest Lecture series.

Studio 19 @ 13.15

"Sylwia studied graphic design and photography at Krakow Academy of Fine Arts and the Edinburgh College of Art. Her work has recently been recognised in awards such as Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed – the Photographers’s Gallery’s pick of the most promising graduates of her year, and reGeneration 2 as one of the most promising 80 young photographers in the world, an exhibition which is touring the world and published as a book by Thames and Hudson and Aperture Foundation. Her work was also recently featured in “The Decisive Moment: Contemporary Polish Photography Since 2000” by Adam Mazur".

BIPP Guest Lecture Event - Nov 8th & 9th at 10.30am

November 08, 2016

The BIPP will be delivering a two day workshop and seminar during November the 8th to 9th in Studio 19 at Sighthill Campus. Guest speakers will include Chris Harper, Bryn Griffiths and Marco Joe Fazio.

The schedule for the two days is as follows:

Launch Mazda Brief - students will be issued with a photographic brief and provide a treatment and costing to pitch at the end of day two. Feedback and discussion will be provided.

Tuesday 8th November

1. Chris Harper - Portrait and Fitness Photography

2. Bryn Griffiths - Commercial Photography and Hasselblad Masters Journey

3. Marco Joe Fazio - Lifestyle and Fashion Photography

4. Q & A Session

Wednesday 9th November

1. Bryn Griffiths & Chris Harper - Practical Workshops

2. Mazda Pitch session with Bryn, Chris & Jon Lee

3. Q & A, lessons learnt.

Lawrence Winram Guest Lecture

March 11, 2016

Continuing on from our successful guest lecturer series we are pleased to announce that Lawrence Winram will present his latest commisioned work and personal projects to students at Edinburgh College.


The lecture will take place in the Sighthill Campus at Edinburgh College on Friday 11th March @ 9.45 in the first floor Lecture Theatre. Due to numbers unfortunately this is only open to Edinburgh College Photography students only, but if you are really interested a few spaces may be available to others. If you would like to attend please email to book a place.


Lawrence has a distinguished professional career in advertising photography, which started in 1992. He is Edinburgh based but has worked for clients across the globe including New York, Singapore and Cuba. His work is commercially driven but he always finds time to make personal projects, “The Watchers” is on display in the Saatchi Gallery.


Lawrence has been a great supporter of the Edinburgh College Photography dept. and every year takes on students for work experience. This talk will undoubtedly provide an excellent insight in to working as a professional photographer from client brief to final output and of course educational.


To view more of Lawrence’s work have a look at his website and blog.

Fabrizio Gianni - Guest Lecture - Fashion Photographer

February 03, 2016

We are pleased to announce photographer Fabrizio Gianni will deliver our next guest Lecture.


Fabrizio is a genuine legend with a career that spans 50 years. He began in cinema as assistant director for Sergio Leoni on The Good The Bad and The Ugly but later moved in to fashion photography. His inspiration from cinema is evident in his fashion photography, where he creates storylines in still format. He has worked all over the world for titles such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Figaro.


“I never lost sight of the fact that my job was to persuade women they should remember the clothes - that they are beautiful and sexy but in fact it’s the model who is beautiful and sexy not the dress she is wearing. Designers don’t always think about the woman they are designing for and it was my job to put the clothes into settings to show them being worn. When they are on the catwalk they are not really clothes they are surrealistic works of art. I have to make them look real.”


During his career he has photographed celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Andy McDowell, Antony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves to name but a few.


In 2015 Fabrizio pulled together highlights from his long career titled ‘Fantasia’ which went on view at the Park gallery in Falkirk.


You can also view an interview by the BBC here:



Triptych - Private View - Ocean Terminal Edinburgh

December 11, 2015

This exhibition showcases work from over 50 students studying at HN level in Photography at Edinburgh College. During the two year course students undertake a varied selection of industry standard assignments. This particular work derives from a project set to produce photographs for a new book cover and supporting images for an existing fictional novel. Students have worked through many different creative processes and engaged with traditional darkroom practice. The final prints are hand printed using fibre paper. The different qualities of paper have been research and individually chosen by every student.Students were to produce three images which would reignite an audience with their book choice. They were to use DSLR cameras and could indeed add manipulation through using Photoshop. Final images were then made into large digital negatives (acetate sheets) and contact printed using an enlarger. Many of the students had no prior experience within the traditional printing practice. The brief lasted 12 weeks and along with the 3 final prints students were to hand in a workbook and journal which tracked their creative process.All students showcased here today have successfully passed the brief and we’re delighted to have been supported by The Image Collective and Ocean Terminal.


The exhibition runs from Friday 11th December 2015 – Sunday 10th January 2016.


If you would like any further information on any of our Photography courses then please visit or


December 09, 2015

We have invited portrait photographer Robin Gillanders to present and talk about his career. Robin has published many books including "The Photographic Portrait: Techniques, Strategies and Thoughts on Creating Portraits with Meaning" and "Highland Journey: In the Spirit of Edwin Muir"


This is the first guest lecturer event with more to follow, add this to your diary, please all attend.

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