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Printing at College

Your Learning Assistants are:

Paul Cowan:

To send files to be printed by the college printer go to the website

  • Add the files you wish to send us.

  • Enter the email address in the ‘Friends Email’.

  • Add your email as the sender

  • Add a message containing your name and year group and any instructions for the files: eg ‘All files A3’

  • Name your files with your name as follows: yourfullname_A3_PortraitOC2_1.jpg (or as appropriate).

  • This will help us identify your prints easily and speed up processing of your images.

  • Please ensure all work is sized properly at the correct resolution

  • Jpeg (High Resolution)

  • Adobe 1998 Colour Space 8bit @ 300dpi


Printing Hours


Monday 10am – 12.00 Drop Off               Tuesday 1pm – 2pm Pick Up

Wednesday 10am – 12.00 Drop Off         Thursday 1pm – 2pm Pick Up

Thursday 10am – 12.00 Drop Off              Friday 1pm – 2pm Pick Up


Please Note: These are very strict time slots and have been meticulously scheduled so that the availability is there.

You are able to send files to us out with these times, but they will not be processed until the next scheduled print day.


Finally, the one thing that would delay your print being processed in time is it not being sized correctly for the print you want. Before sending anything to us, please ensure you have correctly sized your images or they will be printed off in the format that we receive them and you will be expected to pay the appropriate price.




A1 - £12

A2 - £6

A3 - £3

A4 - £1.50

If you require a bespoke size, the price can be discussed with the Learning Assistants but we require 24 hours notice

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