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The Sorisdale Tree - Animation by Graham McGirk

The tired old phrase "Those that can't do, teach" has never gone down well in the Edinburgh College Photography staff room. I have participated a few interviews in the past with various newspapers about our dept and the amount of awards our students win every year. I'm usually asked how do you do it? The answer is, the team. We have a strong team of talented professionals who have years of experience in the industry, they have never forgotten the ethics of hard work, professionalism and the importance of developing new skills.

One of those new skills is animation, a personal project by Graham McGirk who has been sitting across from me with an iPad and software busily drawing frame by frame his latest project, The Sorisdale Tree, selected for the Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2017.

A great way to round off the end of semester.

The Sorisdale Tree by Graham McGirk.

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