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Photographers for the Cumbrian Floods

As landscape photographers we love Cumbria for its beauty and tranquility. So when we saw the devastation caused to the local communities and landscape by the recent floods I am sure we were all deeply saddened. As a result a group of us as landscape photographers in the UK decided to try and give something back to help Cumbria and the Cumbrians as they rebuild and repair their lives and the area.

Mark Littlejohn, winner of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014, spearheaded the campaign by raising over £5000 on behalf of the Flood Appeal for the Cumbria Community Foundation.

Now a group of photographers - Joe Cornish, David Ward, Joseph Wright, Charlie Waite, Julian Calverley, Lizzie Shepherd, Pete Bridgwood, Valda Bailey, Russ Barnes, Finn Hopson, Colin Bell, Paul Mitchell, David Baker & Doug Chinnery - have got together to run a charity print auction of their work to add to this amount on Sunday 21st February this year.

But there is much more to the day than just a print auction.


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