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Photography Resources On Line

It is April 1st, usually a time for pranks and jokes but this year we are living at a 'social distance'. Schools, Colleges and Universities are closed 'until further notice', so I thought I would share with a few online resources that I've discovered. Discovered through the generosity of Educators communicating and sharing through email, social media and forums.

First up is an excellent resource started by a great colleague of mine Helena Good at Edinburgh College - Daydream Believers. This contains many projects, downloadable lesson plans for many practices throughout the Creative Industries.

Next, a great resource called Photo Pedagogy. The site is for all teachers of photography who are happy to share aspects of their practice. The site is about the art (and science) of photography teaching. Photography courses are rapidly growing in number. Teachers value opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues. We aim to showcase a range of exciting ideas about why and how photography can be taught.

LensClass is an online resource for fine art photography. There is usually a charge for access to the class resources but the author has issued a free code - COVID to get all resources for free. Worth having a look.

Brought to light is a collaborative platform between students, practitioners, educators, curators and writers to share ideas. Put together by Falmouth University.
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