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Retouching Tutorials by PENNMANN

Rod Penn and Jodie Mann from PENNMANN have given me a behind the scenes access to look at their new Photoshop tutorials released this week. The first tutorial is a 5 part, three hour step by step video 'Retouching for Portraits' starting with preparing the image, clean up, light and dark through to colour and sharpening. It is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level, a full break down of contents can be found on the tutorial section of the website.

Rod takes time to explain the processes in easy to follow steps. I have watched the series and can say it's all good stuff, not the quick in and out you find on Youtube. This is a full process workflow from beginning to end. The price is at a reduced offer of £40 at the moment.

"With this Photoshop tutorial, I want to pass you the knowledge and skills to be able to bring your images up to a professional standard, to expand your creative potential and make more informed decisions in your post-processing".

Jodie has released a tutorial video for "Creative Retouching for High Fashion, a four part workflow edit teaching you the tips and tricks behind her fashion work. This tutorial is aimed at the intermediate to advanced user. This year Jodie presented a guest lecture at Edinburgh College at the end gave a quick insight in to her retouching workflow. I can say there were a few things in there that were new to me.

"In this tutorial Jodie will cover with you advanced skin & hair retouching, frequency separation, how to paint in hairs and eyelashes, using Liquify, creating intense highlights and shadows for that rich finish plus so much more".

So, if you are stuck at home and want to spend some time enhancing your skills there is something for everyone. Look out for updates.

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