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Jack Currie - International Photography Awards

News just in, Jack Currie a current BA (Hons) Professional Photography student has just received an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2023 (IPA).

His image 'Lost at Sea' impressed judge Patti O Halloran

"Wow, that’s all I can say. Jack, you have captured the despair I know so many people are feeling, young and old. I’m so glad you found photography, you have found your calling".

Jack described his image, " I really wanted to capture the feeling of being so lost in life that you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t progress due to your surroundings, feeling like you are lost at sea. I feel this is a very common feeling among young people these days, especially after lockdown. Photography stopped me feeling lost in life, it gave me a purpose which I’m sure it gives many others on a daily basis. Everyone just needs to find their purpose and they won’t feel lost".

IPA Awards 2023 - "Lost at Sea"


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