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Jennifer Charlton - It's a win win situation

A SINGLE mum of three hopes her photographic success will inspire others not to give up on their dreams.

Jennifer Charlton, a student at Edinburgh College, was shortlisted for the Scottish Master Photographer Awards and has seen some of her work go on display at the Exposed 23 Exhibition the city's Drill Hall and The Glasgow Gallery of Photography,

The 50-year-old, who can often be found trackside at Scotland's motor-cycling events, and ringside at the UK’s biggest boxing shows, including ’Tartan Tornado’ Josh Taylor, has enjoyed her achievements, having had to juggle intense studies alongside bringing up Willow, Jasmine and Finn in Duns.

A keen photographer for 6 years, Jen began studying photography in 2020 at Edinburgh College, winning Student of the year and has just completed a BA in professional photography at Robert Gordon University.

“I hope my story can inspire others and not only single mums though I am proud of what I’ve done while bringing up three children, who are now in their teens,” said Jen, who previously worked for 12 years in hospitality.“I want people of all ages and backgrounds to know what is possible, even if they think the odds are against them.“I’d loved photography for a long time and people often used to comment about how good my pictures were.“I thought they were just being kind and didn’t believe in myself enough but in my late 40s I thought ‘I’m going to go for this’ and enrolled.“It’s been hard work combining college and home life and a lot of miles on the road between Duns and Edinburgh, but I’ve had great support from my tutors.

“I was thrilled to be nominated for the BIPP, MPA and SPA awards and I am delighted that I have received recognition across the different genres of photography to show I can take more than just boxing and bike racing pictures.”

In the last few months Jen’s incredible array of pictures in her award-nominated includes Scottish Portrait Award short-listed and long listed, Shortlisted for the IPA awards, MPA award of excellence, BIPP Bronze awards for Advertising and Commercial, Portrait and People, Sport and WINNER OF SCOTTISH AND NOTHERN IRELAND SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR, as well as shortlisted for two series of images in the RPS 165 International Photography exhibition 2023.

Having achieved a distinction in her BA professional photography course, Jen is now focusing to the future.“I am really excited to be starting the BA Honours course in August as well as continuing to grow my business into a full-time career. My dream is to balance paid work through commercial, portraiture and sport to enable Documentary projects in my spare time highlighting social issues to help others. I would love to be able to give back to charities such as Womans Aid and highlighting mental health issues, that would be the dream”.

Scottish Portrait Awards 2023 (Short List) - Lindisfarne Fishermen

Scottish Portrait Awards (Long List) - Ohara Davies

Royal Photographic Society (Short Listed)

Royal Photographic Society (Shortlisted)

British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) - Scottish Sports Photographer of the Year.

British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) - Bronze Award

British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) - National Print Competition

Master Photographers Award - Excellence

Just to add to this years success Jen has just received Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2023.


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