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Freelance Film Maker - Daniel Lema

The BA Professional Photography course started at Edinburgh College six years ago. It has produced a vast amount of professional photographers who are working today, considering the competitiveness of the market. But recently we have seen that it has also inspired our Alumni Graduates to further their studies in film making.

One such example is Daniel Lema who graduated in 2013 with a BA in Professional Photography (Distinction). Daniel went on to gain an MA in Visual Anthropology, Ethnographic Film at The University of Manchester and then on to an MA in Teacher Training in 2016.

During those years he has participated in photography exhibitions and made several films around the world including Congo and Rio de Janeiro which can be seen below. Daniel is also a member of the visual artists collaboration Big Tree Collective

His next proposal will involve a research project concentrating on the region of Monegros, Spain, an area prone to chronic drought.

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