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EXPOSED 22 - Graduate Exhibition

Welcome to Edinburgh College HND + BA Professional Photography class of 2022. As I type, I’m reflecting on what a year this has been, in fact a couple of years. Professional photography has been through tough times, my heart goes out to all those photographers who persevered and triumphed. I can barely bring myself to mention the ‘C’ word, the pandemic which swept across the globe. I remember back in March 2020 receiving instructions that lecturers should leave work and organise all their classes on-line, at least until the end of April that year, where the decision would be revisited! That decision was revisited, eighteen months later. How time flew as we busied ourselves learning MS Teams, Zoom and a whole plethora of software to facilitate teaching and learning a practical course, what a couple of years indeed.

However, there was light at the end of the tunnel, we welcomed back students on campus, albeit wearing masks and precisely measuring the distance between ourselves for fear of being exposed, not with F-stops either. I am extremely proud to showcase the work of our final year groups on the HND and BA Professional Photography courses. It has taken perseverance, sheer willpower, blood, sweat and a few tears to get us to this point. We learn by doing, by practice, by success and failure. I congratulate all our students.

This final year sees work produced from many genres, fashion, advertising, documentary, photojournalism, portraiture, and landscape. The examples of work showcased here demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired in college from research, planning, development to final postproduction.

Edinburgh College will be exhibiting all graduate work opening on 31st May running through until 9th June at Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 6 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh EH6 8RG or visit:

(c) Eleonora Briscoe - HND

(c) Scott Barron - HND

(c) Jennifer Charlton - HND

(c) Pete Harper - HND

(c) Francesco Martone - HND

(c) Susan Allan - HND

(c) George Norris - BA

(c) Eve Brodie - BA

(c) Kay Hyde - BA

(c) Indya Lumley - BA

(c) Robyn McDiarmid - BA

(c) Kasia Sowinska - BA

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