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Brian David Stevens

If you consider the visual language of photography as a framework of genres then you may be tempted to label Brian David Stevens as a photojournalist based on his commissioned work. However looking through his website may cast doubt upon the fixed idea that photography exists in genres, something that I struggle to communicate in education. Not everything fits in the box.

In his work you will find sections of editorial portraits, photojournalism, documentary and landscapes (to use genres as a meta tag for searching). His work has been widely exhibited and published. But, it is his liminal landscapes that resonate on his website, landscapes on the edge or threshold. In his latest landscape project “Beachy Head” that threshold is at the edge of life or death literally as Beachy Head is one of the worlds most notorious suicide spots. The Search and Rescue Unit respond to over 760 searches resulting in over 270 recues every year since 2009.

In this video Brian talks about his thought process when considering his approach to making personal work. A moment when two disconnected experiences merge together, a memory from the past informs the present. To truly consider yourself a creative photographer, first you must break free from convention and genres.

Brian also took part in the Photography A Visual Langauge panel talk on" Landscape as Document", which can be viewed here.

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