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Retina Photography Festival

This week sees the start of the Retina Photography Festival in Edinburgh. This years exhibitors are, Jason Bell, Paul and Lynn Henni, Kareem Black, Janeanne Gilchrist, CJ Monk, David Boni, Alma Haser, Kayan Jafar-Shaghaghi and Dougie Wallace.

The Emerging Talent section features work by Edinburgh College Graduates Mhairi Bell-Moodie, Gareth Bragdon, Gavin Bragdon, Oliver Hendersons and Anneleen Lyndsay. Also featured Jodie Mann.

The exhibition program also features work by the Association of Photographers Awards, the UK Picture Editor's Guild and the Refugee Photograph Journeys. Steve Rennie will be exhibiting alongside Tim Flach's animal portraits.

Don't forget to sign up and take part in Photomarathon

"A Photomarathon is a photograph competition with a twist: Over the course of 12 hours you have to take 12 pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of creativity and eye for a good photo that that will get you through the day. There will be prizes for each topic and the judges will be a mix of high profile Retina photographers".

"On the day of the Photomarathon, Saturday 16th July, each entrant will be issued with a disposable camera with only 12 exposures, starting from Gayfield Creative spaces, 11 Gayfield Square, EH1 3NT. At 10am, the first set of 4 topics are announced. Everyone then has the next four hours to shoot one image per topic, in the same order as the topics are listed – this is critical. The topics are kept secret and will offer plenty of room for interpretation and creativity".

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