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Canon On Campus - With Ian Hippolyte

Canon On Campus

It has been a busy year at Edinburgh College Photography dept. We kicked off Semester One with a one day industry workshop hosted by Canon UK. Arranged through WEX Edinburgh, Canon spent a day in our studios demonstrating their latest professional imaging equipment for stills and video photography. A team of six Canon staff were on hand to talk through the latest mirrorless cameras and lenses, handing out equipment for our students to test out in the studios.

Two studios were set up for product photography and model testing, modelling duties were performed by Nina Shahroozie.

In the afternoon session, Canon Ambassador and Fashion Photographer Ian Hippolyte led a fashion lighting workshop. First presenting his approach to story telling and working in the fashion industry, followed by a live demonstration of studio practice to create dramatic lighting and directing models on set.


(c) Ian Hippolyte, Selected Works

(c) Ian Hippolyte, Selected Works


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