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Lee Howell - Guest Lecture

The New Year one saw the arrival of our next guest lecture, Alumni Lee Howell who graduated from our BA Professional Photography course in 2013. Lee is a multi award winning commercial photographer and creative retoucher and has built up an excellent business and reputation in Edinburgh.

The lecture featured deconstructions of how the work was created, how he developed as a photographer and essential business skills. Lee was very transparent with estimates, invoicing and pitches for new clients, showing the fee structures, personnel involved and day rates including licensing. The essentials that all aspiring photographers need to know.

“I try to approach all of my work with the same high amount of raw energy and enthusiasm. It’s all about having great concepts, bringing them into commercial practice and proving to the clients that you have a good creative mind as well as the technical tools to do the job".

Lee Howell Photography:

Yellow Corner Art Photographs:


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