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On The Shortlist for 2024 - HND & BA (Hons)

It's that time of year when many photography awards are announced. Edinburgh College Photography are proud to share the good news that Elena Mendoza (HND) has been shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, one step closer to reaching the final.

Also this month we must congratulate Lilli Barrett (HNC), Raymond Davies (HNC), Ritchie Elder (HND), and Jennifer Charlton (BA Hons) for reaching the shortlist for the Scottish Portrait Awards

Good luck to the above five student photographers, it is a fantastic achievement.

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2024 - Shortlist

(c) Elena Mendoza - 'Huda Abdulgader'

"I decided to portray a small part of the cultural diversity of Edinburgh for my final HND project. I remember visiting the Taylor Wessing Photography exhibition last summer and feeling truly inspired by the subjects and their stories in the photographs. A few days ago, I received an email from the National Portrait Gallery informing me that I have been shortlisted for the second round of judging for the Taylor Wessing Photo Portrait Prize 2024. I feel very fortunate about this".

Scottish Portrait Awards 2024 - Shortlist

(c) Lilli Barrett - 'Self Expression

"I took this ambient portraiture to originally advertise and showcase the makeup my model was wearing. The idea of self expression when it comes to makeup was something that I wanted to emanate, the facial expression my model had was to show confidence and the orange tones were to show a positive warmth to it".

(c) Raymond Davies - 'Becky, surfer and artist'

"I decided to focus on amateur and part-time sportspeople. The enormous amount of dedication displayed by people involved in grassroots sports struck me. My project celebrates their commitment to sports alongside the other important aspects of their lives".

(c) Ritchie Elder - 'George'

"My main project this year, Faces of Leith, documents my local community through environmental portraiture. This has been a hugely fulfilling project, allowing me to meet interesting people and challenge my skills as a photographer. The success of this project has reaffirmed by intention to pursue documentary and portraiture going forward. George, 78, works as a mechanic with his family business. By chance I was walking by the garage and noticed George was on a break, nicely lit by natural light. He kindly gave me permission to take his portrait".

(c) Jennifer Charlton - 'John'

[John] "I was bullied at school, I was lanky and smart, liked reading and got picked on for that. Then in COVID I was depressed because swimming was my outlet and the pool closed. Swimming is the only thing I want to do; I train seven times a week and I am in the gym three or four times a week. I was feeling good then after starting Uni. My granny died and I kept feeling I was in this hole, no matter how hard I tried to scramble out, I just kept sinking further and further".

"This work is one of a series made for a research module for my BA (Hons), showing how we are living in a hidden community, where mental health doesn't discriminate. The isolation caused by stigatisation deprives the sufferes of all the bennifits of being part of a community. All of the volunteers shared their stories encouraging others to step forward enabling transparency and the growth of community where judgement doesn't exist, only support and compassion". Jennifer Charlton.


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