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Mhairi Bell-Moodie Graduate Interviews

Another Graduate Interview by the team at Trajectory. Set up by theprintspace, TRAJECTORY is a comprehensive showcase of graduate talent from the 2016 season, marking a unique opportunity for all aspiring photography students graduating in 2016 from institutions in the UK & Ireland to launch their career with national exposure online and in print.

BA Graduate Mhairi Bell-Moodie talks about the her journey studying photography at Edinburgh College and the idea behind her recent project 'FLUX' .

This project was inspired by the 16 and 17 year olds who took part in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. For the first time, they had the right to vote and they made their voices heard. We could no longer call the Scottish youth apathetic or disaffected. What else, I wondered, might the country's young people be passionate about? What ambitions would they have, what challenges would they face? I wanted to show young people in a positive light, trying to move away from the overly used negative stereotypes.

The full interview can be found on the TRAJECTORY website

To view more of Mhairi's work have a look at her website

(c) Mhairi Bell-Moodie

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