Source Magazine - Graduate Photography Online 2017

Three days to go before we launch EXPOSED 17, the Edinburgh College Photography graduate exhibition. The first of two graduate exhibitions we will be showcasing this month.

Free Range is next on the calendar, so here is a selection of work featured on Source Magazine - Graduate Photography Online 2017 a preview of what's to come.

(c) Marisa Bruce - from the series 'Passing Time'

(c) Laura Felui - from the series The Deconstructed Self

(c) Rebecca Davidson - from the series 'Exploring Beauty'

(c) Gareth King - from the series 'Faslane Peace Camp'

(c) Suzanne Heffron - from the series '20 Women', Val McDermid, Author

(c) Ryan McCann - from the series 'Communication Breakdown'

(c) Leesa Tulloch - from the series 'Remains from the Past'

Edinburgh College Photography Department - Sighthill Campus - Bankhead Avenue - Edinburgh

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