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Creative & Tech Futures - Hamish Campbell

Advertising photographer Hamish Campbell was our next guest lecture at the Creative & Tech Futures day. Hamish graduated from Edinburgh College Photography with a BA Professional Photography degree and is one of our most successful alumni. His work involves still and moving image, working with major clients and TV Advertising. He also has a successful retouching side to his business employing a small team of staff.

Specialising in multi-output products his clients include: Radisson Hotel Group, Burberry, Edrington Group, Harvey Nichols, Walmart, and Kohler, are just some of the clients Hamish has worked with across the globe in his decade long career.

Hamish gave a two hour lecture of his work, how to pitch for jobs, estimates, treatments and working with clients. He was transparent with his fees and how to structure a professional estimate. Never one to stand still he shared his insight in to learning 3D creation software and how he is utilising it for clients.


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