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International Photography Awards - Xavier Montojo Jordan

An excellent achievement from BA Graduate Xavier Montojo Jordan, winning 3rd Place in the International Photography Awards. His fashion series entitled "Enlightenment", a tribute to Joan of Arc caught the judges eyes in the Advertising / Fashion category. This series was part of his final year project of the BA Professional Photography course at Edinburgh College and has been recently published by Flanelle Magazine.

"Enlightenment is a tribute to the iconic Joan of Arc. ”Enlightenment is about the connection between earth and heaven, everything that goes up, comes down, the fence of light that enlightens us to help to discover who we really are. ”Enlightenment of spirituality and mysticism using vertical elements such as the light on the model’s body. I had the intention to create a liturgical and spiritual openness of atmosphere, by connecting the model with the vertical light, the body will be connected to the light". Xavier Montojo Jordan

Xavi recently collaborated with actor, presenter and fashion model Eunice Eolumide and continues to build his client base in fashion photography.

Xavier Montojo Jordan: Website & Instagram

Photographer/Creative Director: XAVI MONTOJO

Wardrobe Stylist:Ian Tod

Makeup Artist:Paulina Siembor

Hair Stylist:Michael Purvis

(c) All Images: Xavier Montojo Jordan


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