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Tibor Galamb - Alumni

It was good to catch up with BA Professional Photography Alumni Tibor Galamb last year. His latest commission for Kietaviskiu involved moving image work for a series of TV commercials.

Tibor Galamb is a freelance photographer from Hungary who specializes in photography for the advertising industry. Whilst studying engineering in Budapest, he began working part-time in the film industry, which kick-started his love for photography and videography. He later went on to study photography at Edinburgh College, where he honed his skills and first considered it as a career option.

Since graduating, Tibor has worked with numerous advertising agencies, as well as for clients including Volkswagen and Red Bull. His work has been featured in many creative magazines and galleries around the world, he is multi award winning including the WPE International Photography Award 2021.

Tibor is represented by: Plugged MGMT

Here is his latest TV Commercial using stop frame animation.

Client - Kietaviskiu

Agency - Children

Production - Opiopio Creative

Production managing director - Marija Cornij

Creative director - Mantas Maciulskis

Art direction - Tibor Galamb, Jokubas Mulerskas

Account manager - Deimante Statinyte

Photography & Video - Tibor Galamb

Client - Saudi Telecommunication Company

Agency - Wunderman&Thompson SA

Production - Dreambox Films

Photograph & retouch - Tibor Galamb

BTS Retouch

Tibor has also become a retouching instructor on DOMESTIKA, you can sign up for his on-line video course here

We were fortunate to book Tibor for one of our guest lecture spots. Tibor is based in Budapest so Zoom brought him live to our screens.

Tibor was very generous with his time discussing many of his commissioned jobs, working with international clients and showing how he creates his moving image work. Be sure to look him up.


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