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Stuart Pilkington Fundraising Print Auction

Shared from facebook:

On the15th September 2015 Stuart suffered a stroke that was a huge shock to everyone who knows him.

He is at this moment still in hospital but making steps to his recovery with the help of the surgeons, doctors, nurses, physios and of course his amazing mother Linda who has been doing a fantastic job of keeping us all updated on his progress.

Stuart is a generous, giving friend to so many of us and we would like to give a little back to help him in any way we can. People have contributed so much already in the way of messages, making videos, sending postcards and gifts and this is just a continuation of sending love by raising money through online print auctions.

A Facebook page has been set up for people to bid on prints or contribute buy selling their work to raise money. Have a look, there is some great work. Further details can be found on the page.

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