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Associate Producer - Dawn Marie Jones

BA Alumni Dawn Marie Jones has just finished collaborating on the video for the debut single by LL. The video can be viewed on Vice Magazines Noisey Music page

The full team who put this together are:

SALT Directed & Produced by LL Music DOP: Tom Turley & Annette Remler Editor: Emma Rasmussen Colourist: Mark Meadows | Smoke & Mirrors London Associate Producer: Dawn Marie Jones Costume design: LL + Elizabeth Harrison Make-Up: Ayesha Bowen Hair: Jason Cocking Stylist: David Jack Nails: Lucy Bernier-Holliday BTS: Romyn Sharma Assistant: Emma Spannow Track produced by: Eclectic aka Geordan Reid-Campbell Creative Direction: LL, Tom Turley, Annette Remler & Dawn Marie Jones | Stoyanov & Jones.

With thanks to: Focus 24, Smoke & Mirrors, The Bow Bunker Studios, Stan, DV, PixiPixels & Chris Rowlands

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