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A Tale on the Mile - David Guillen

On Tuesday 8th June, Edinburgh College Photography Alumni David Guillen launches his long term personal project A Tale on the Mile.

David will be running a workshop to accompany this exhibition on the 17th June, details here

A Tale on the Mile is the work of photographer David Guillen. It represents a harmony of original photography and text that will explore the personalities and places of one of the most historically vibrant streets in Scotland: The Royal Mile.

Throughout the course of history, societies have grown from the same fundamental principles, regardless of time or place.

Society seems to be a symbiosis, a macro-organism. Individuals cluster together to work as groups, which form a mind of their own, and in turn influence each individual. These small tribes that begin around a campfire, on the beach or on the mountain, create towns. Those towns become cities, those cities unify to create countries. Often the story and character of an entire nation of people can be read in a single one of its streets.

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