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AOP Winners at Retina

The Association of Photographers (AOP) are currently exhibiting a selection of winners from professionals and students alike.

Good to see so many Edinburgh College Photography winning students work on display.

The AOP Awards exhibition is running from 18th June to 15th July at Summerhall, Edinburgh - go see.

(c) Chelsi Donaldson

(c) Eleni Laparidou

(c) Efthymious Stamatiadis, Julija Bernatovica, Arthur Montgomery

(c) Anneleen Lindsay, Pavel Tamm, David Bishop

(c) Claudia Scandela

(c) Ross Parker, Douglas McCaffrey, Graeme Cunningham, Eleni Laparidou, Jessica Shurte

(c) Jennifer Brown

(c) John Buckley

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